Zhuravlev, Ciobanu, Londt and Adegbuyi qualified for SUPERKOMBAT® WGP 2012 Final

Pavel Zhuravlev (Ukraine), Sebastian Ciobanu (Romania), Ismael Londt (Suriname) and Benjamin Adegbuyi (Romania) will fight in the tournament of SUPERKOMBAT® WGP 2012 Final, scheduled on December 22nd, after they won their fights at SUPERKOMBAT® WGP 2012 Final Elimination, scheduled on November 10th in Craiova, Romania in front of more than 5.000 people at the innauguration of the brand-new Sports Hall, the second largest from Romania.

Benjamin Adegbuyi made the surprise of the night after he knockout Sergei Lascenko (SUPERKOMBAT® WGP 2011 Champion) and is in the big final, scheduled on December 22nd. For the second time, Pavel Zhuravlev and Ismael Londt will be again in the final tournament of the year.

This time, Ismael Londt will face Sebastian Ciobanu in the first semifinal and Benjamin Adegbuyi and Pavel Zhuravlev will meet in the second semifinal for a place in the big final where the winner will go home with a brand-new Mitsubishi Pajero car.

Qualified for the K-1 WGP 2012 Final 8, Catalin Morosanu managed his 12th consecutive success after he won via Unanimous Decision against the K-1 WGP 2003 Las Vegas Champion – Carter Williams. Also the romanian veteran – Ionut Iftimoaie came back in ring with a victory against James “The Beast” Wilson.

SUPERKOMBAT® WGP 2012 Final Elimination results:

1. Super Fight (K-1 Rules, 3x3m, +96kg)
Ibrahim Aarab (Morocco) defeated Dzevad Poturak (Bosnia and Herzegovina) via Majority Decision

2. Super Fight (K-1 Rules, 3x3m, +96kg)
Tomas Hron (Czech Republic) defeated Dmitri Bezus (Czech Republic) via Disqualification for illegally hit

3. Final Elimination (K-1 Rules, 3x3m, +96kg)
Pavel Zhuravlev (Ukraine) defeated Freddy Kemayo (France) via Unanimous Decision

4. Final Elimination (K-1 Rules, 3x3m, +96kg)
Sebastian Ciobanu (Romania) defeated Roman Kleibl (Czech Republic) via Unanimous Decision

5. Final Elimination (K-1 Rules, 3x3m, +96kg)
Ismael Londt (Suriname) defeated Daniel Sam (Great Britain) via Technical Knock Out after doctor stoppage

6. Final Elimination (K-1 Rules, 3x3m, +96kg)
Benjamin Adegbuyi (Romania) defeated Sergei Lascenko (Ukraine) via Knock Out in the first round

7. Super Fight (K-1 Rules, 3x3m, +96kg)
Ionut Iftimoaie (Romania) defeated James Wilson (United States) via Unanimous Decision

8. Super Fight (K-1 Rules, 3x3m, +96kg)
Catalin Morosnu (Romania) defeated Carter Williams (United States) via Unanimous Decision

9. Super Fight (K-1 Rules, 3x3m, +96kg)
Petr Vondracek (Czech Republic) defeated Radu Spinghel (United States) via Unanimous Decision