SUPERKOMBAT® champions will fight in SUPERKOMBAT® WGP 2012 Final Elimination, scheduled for November 10th at Craiova – Romania, where the new Sports Hall (5.000 seats) will be opened. Ismael Londt, Alexey Ignashov, Catalin Morosanu and Raul Catinas are just few names of the K-1 stars who will be in the ring.

The new Sports Hall from Craiova is one of the most modern arena from Romania and it’s based near the Ion Oblemenco stadium, where SUPERKOMBAT® had organized the final for “The Bodyguard – Special Forces” with audience record for all combat sports from this country, more than 15.000 fans.

“For the moment I can share few names. We will have the SUPERKOMBAT® WGP 2012 Qualificated winners, Catalin Morosanu, Raul Catinas, Benjamin Adegbuyi and the winner from SUPERKOMBAT® WGP 2012 Fourth Qualification, scheduled for October 20th at Arad – Romania, but also Alexey Ignashov, Daniel Sam, Freddy Kemayo and Ismael Londt.”, said SUPERKOMBAT® President – Eduard Irimia.

The other fighters from the event will be selected from K-1 World GP 2012 Final 16, scheduled for October 14th at Tokyo – Japan. “We will make a selection from there and some of them will be at Craiova on November 10th for SUPERKOMBAT® WGP 2012 Final Elimination. A press conference will be held at Tokyo after K-1 World GP 2012 Final 16, where we will announce the fight card and the plans for the next year.”, said SUPERKOMBAT® President – Eduard Irimia.

“I’m very happy and I want to thank to Mr. Eduard Irimia because he choiced Craiova. I believe that this event will be the biggest sports event from Romania in 2012. Our city will be promoted worldwide through SUPERKOMBAT® WGP 2012 Final Elimination”, said the mayor of Craiova – Mrs. Olguta Vasilescu.

The event from Craiova will be broadcasted live by Eurosport in 75 countries from 4 continents, but overall fans from 90 countries can see SUPERKOMBAT® WGP 2012 Final Elimination on TV.

SUPERKOMBAT® WGP 2012 Final it’s scheduled for December 22th and Eduard Irimia has revealed the possible location. “In this moment, officials from Istanbul, Bucharest and Abu Dhabi wants this event in their cities. Soon we will decided with city will host the SUPERKOMBAT® WGP 2012 Final.”