Pavel “The Caiman” Zhuravlev is the SUPERKOMBAT® WGP 2012 Champion after he won the four man final tournament of the year held in Bucharest (Romania). In the semi final, Pavel Zhuravlev won against Benjamin Adegbuyi via KO in the first round and in the final he defeated Ismael Londt in an extra round.

Pavel Zhuravlev will go home with a Mitsubishi Pajero car ($50.000) after last year he loss in the semi final against Ismael Londt also in an extra round in the big final from Darmstadt (Germany).

The event was held at Polyvalent Hall “Ioan Kunst Ghermanescu” from Bucharest (Romania) and was broadcasted live by Eurosport in 75 countries and online via PPV (Pay-Per-View).

SUPERKOMBAT® WGP 2012 Final results:

1. K-1® Super Fight (+96kg, 3×3 min)
Daniel Sam (Great Britain) def. Ibrahim Aarab (Morocco) by Split Decision

2. SUPERKOMBAT® Semi Final 1 (+96kg, 3×3 min)
Pavel Zhuravlev (Ukraine) def. Benjamin Adegbuyi (Romania) by KO in Round 1

3. SUPERKOMBAT® Semi Final 2 (+96kg, 3×3 min)
Ismael Londt (Suriname) def. Sebastian Ciobanu (Romania) by TKO in Round 2

4. SUPERKOMBAT® Reserve Fight (+96kg, 3×3 min)
Freddy Kemayo (France) def. Sergei Lascenko (Ukraine) by Split Decision

5. K-1® Super Fight (+96kg, 3×3 min)
Hesdy Gerges (Egypt) def. Carter Williams (United States) by KO in Round 3

6. K-1® Super Fight (-95kg, 3×3 min)
Andrei Stoica (Romania) def. Arnold Oborotov (Lithuania) by KO in Round 1

7. K-1® Super Fight (+96kg, 3×3 min)
Raul Catinas (Romania) def. Mighty Mo (American Samoa) by Unanimous Decision

8. SUPERKOMBAT® Final (+96kg, 3×3 min)
Pavel Zhuravlev (Ukraine) def. Ismael Londt (Suriname) by Unanimous Decision in Extra Round