SUPERKOMBAT® is ready to reach out for global market! After the World Tryouts series and New Heroes concept hosted around the world in less than 4 month in 3 continents, SUPERKOMBAT® is announcing the posibility for World Grand Prix series to be co-promoted in different teritories where the promoters or events company are ready to host some of these events.

The second part of the year is presenting 4 events in 4 month starting from september to december, 2 more World Grand Prix are followed by the premium events Final Elimination and the Final 2013.

The dates available are:

• September 28, 2013 – SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix
• October 12, 2013 – SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix
• November 9, 2013 – SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix – Final Elimination
• December 21, 2013 – SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix – Final

“SUPERKOMBAT® has a very good standard in production and broadcasting as we are live in 75 countries thanks to our team from Pro TV and Eurosport International and most of the World Grand Prix events were organized from Romania because of this high standard provided, but now is the moment to try step forward in other teritories and not only in east Europe.”, said SUPERKOMBAT® president Eduard Irimia.

“We are in negotiation with different location as Greece, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and for the next weeks we are still accepting offers from different locations. We will inform international events company worldwide able to promote those events in the time interval from 21:00 CET – 23:00 CET and the possible location could be even from east coast of Americas, Europe, Africa to Middle East.”

All the question or register for more information could be done on or on our Facebook official page at