Sebastian Ciobanu (Romania), Goran Radonjic (Montenegro), Daniel Sam (Great Britain), Andrei Stoica (Romania) and Alexandru Lungu (Romania) are the top fighters who have been confirmed for Superkombat WGP 11 – Qualification, scheduled for October 20, 2012.

After the Superkombat WGP 11 – Qualification will be set and the fourth fighters qualified for Superkombat WGP 12 – Final Elimination, scheduled for November 10, 2012. So far, after the first three events have qualified Catalin Morosanu, Raul Catinas and Benjamin Adegbuyi.

The Superkombat WGP 13 – Final of this year will take place on December 8, 2012.

Sebastian CiobanuSebastian Ciobanu alias “The Son of Dracula” is a Local Kombat veteran with 21 wins from 30 fights. He started his profesional career in 2005 at middleweight division, but in this moment is one of the most spectacular fighters from Romania at 95kg category. 2010 K-1 World Grand Prix in Bucharest, Romania runner-up, Sebastian Ciobanu (aged 27 years old) has a record with wins against Doug Viney (2009), Roman Kleibl (2009) and Mighty Mo (2010).

Goran RadonjicThe most popular fighter in Montenegro, Goran Radonjic made his debut at the Superkombat WGP 8 – Qualification in Podgorica, Montenegro (February 25, 2012) with his win against Frank Munoz (Spain). The Ex-WAKO Amateur European Champ, Goran Radonjic (aged 29 years old) have in his record a win against Mourad Bouzidi and a controversial loss with Igor Jurkovic.

Daniel SamCurrently ranked the UK number one at the heavyweight division, Daniel Sam alias “The Giant” started to fight in Superkombat in november last year, at Oradea, and at Superkombat WGP 9 – Qualification in Cluj Napoca, Romania he lost the tournament final against Raul Catins alias “Iron”.

Alexandru LunguThe heaviest fighter from Superkombat, Alexandru Lungu is also included in Superkombat WGP 11 – Qualification fightcard. With impressive background in MMA, Alexandru Lungu make his debut in stand-up last year when he win by KO hist fight with Bob Sapp alias “The Beast”. In this moment, Alexandru Lungu have 3 wins in 3 fights.

Andrei StoicaAndrei Stoica is one of the most talented fighters from Europe. The oldest of the Stoica brothers, Andrei (aged 25 years old) has 10 wins in his professional record and his last appearance was at Superkombat WGP 10 – Qualification in Varna, Bulgaria (July 7, 2012) when he demolished Hakan Aksoy in the first round.

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