The biggest event of the year is less than 24 hours away and all the fighters have weighed in. The official weigh in took place today at Rin Grand Hotel.

All the 26 fighters are ready to compete tomorrow even the currently middleweight champion Chris Ngimbi had the biggest weigh-in issue because first time when he failed so he was forced to cut weight. One hour later, he repeat the procedure and now is ready to fight.

NEW HEROES (19:00 CET, and Fight Box)

1. Super Fight - Super Middleweight division (-77 kg)
Cristian Rotar(Romania) 75,8 kg vs Cristian Stoica (Romania) 76,7 kg

2.Super Fight - Light Heavyweight plus division (-86 kg)
Claudiu Alexe (Romania) 85 kg vs Cosmin Ionescu (Romania) 86,6 kg

3.Super Fight - Light Heavyweight division (-81 kg)
Panagiotis Papadopoulos (Greece) 80,7 kg vs Adelin Mihaila(Romania) 79,2 kg

4.Super Fight - Heavyweight division (+96 kg)
Michail Karamousketas (Greece) 98,4 kg vs Valentin Bordianu(Romania) 105,3 kg

5.Super Fight - Cruiserweight division (-91 kg)
Giannis Marinos (Greece) 89,6 kg vs Razvan Tiru (Romania) 91,1 kg

6. Super Fight - MMA Rules - Heavyweight division (+96 kg)
Hatef Moeil (Germany) 116,8 kg vs Milos Dovedan (Serbia) 110 kg

WORLD GRAND PRIX (21:00 CET, and Eurosport)

1. Super Fight - Light Heavyweight division (-81 kg)
Daniel Stefanovski (Switzerland) 80,6 kg vs Bogdan Nastase(Romania) 81 kg

2.Super Fight - Super Middleweight division (-77 kg)
Victor Garulo (Spain) 76,3 kg vs Alex Filip (Romania) 77,2 kg

3. World Title Fight - Female Division - Bantamweight division (-58 kg)
Ania Fucz (Germany) 57,9 kg vs Marija Malenica (Croatia) 57,9 kg

4. Super Fight - Middleweight division (-72.5 kg)
Mervin Rozenstruik (Suriname) 71,4 kg vs Eduard Chelariu(Romania) 72,2 kg

5.World Title Fight - Middleweight division (-72,5 kg)
Amansio Paraschiv (Romania) 72,2 kg vs Chris Ngimbi (Congo) 72,5 kg

6.Super Fight - Super Cruiserweight division (-95 kg)
Damian Garcia (Spain) 95,1 kg vs Sebastian Cozmanca (Romania) 94,4 kg

7. World Title fight - Lightweight division (-63,5 kg)
Simon Santana (Norway) 63,4 kg vs Cristian Spetcu (Romania) 63,2 kg