The Superkombat is back in Bucharest tonight with the first elimination event of the year. The card features new heroes, but also fighters with an impressive background like Sebastian "Son of Dracula" Ciobanu or Mihaita Golescu. In the main-event of the night, Sebastian Cozmanca, the rising star of the year 2016, will face the former muay-thai european champion Simon Ogola from Sweden.

Superkombat Elimination takes place at Beraria H from Bucharest and is sold out, as Superkombat president Eduard Irimia announced with one day before. The first fight kick off at 19:00 CET on (Romania), FightBox HD (International coverage) and Via Play Fighting (Scandinavia). Totally, the night will include 11 fights.

You may also be able to stream part of the event on Youtube ( or the next websites:,,,, and

The full Superkombat Elimination card is available below. You can also join us on facebook for the fight-by-fight coverage.


1. Super Fight - Heavyweight bout (+96 kg)
Cosmin Maxim (Romania) vs Alex Radnev (Romania)

2. Super Fight - Light Heavyweight plus bout (-86 kg)
Dragos Imbrea (Romania) vs Ionut Sandur (Romania)

3. Super Fight - Super Middleweight bout (-77 kg)
Jian Amiri (Sweden) vs Adelin Mihaila (Romania)

4. Super Fight - Light Heavyweight plus division (-86 kg)
Adrian Cibu (Romania) vs Dumitru Topai (Romania)

5. Super Fight - Middleweight bout (-72 kg)
Andrejs Baranov (Norway) vs Eduard Chelariu (Romania)

6. Super Fight - Heavyweight bout (+96 kg)
Marius Munteanu (Romania) vs Valentin Bordianu (Romania)


7. Super Fight - Light Heavyweight bout (-81 kg)
Daniel Stefanovski (Switzerland) vs Alex Filip (Romania)

8. Super Fight - Heavyweight bout (+96 kg)
Moribah Kosiah (Netherlands) vs Robert Orbocea (Romania)

9. Super Fight - Light Heavyweight plus bout (-86 kg)
Cosmin Ionescu (Romania) vs Sebastian Ciobanu (Romania)

10. Super Fight - Heavyweight bout (+96 kg)
Robert Constantin (Romania) vs Mihaita Golescu (Romania)

11. Super Fight - Super Cruiserweight bout (-95 kg)
Simon Ogolla (Sweden) vs Sebastian Cozmanca (Romania)